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Dog & Puppy Day Care First Assessment

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Dog & Puppy Day Care First Assessment 

This assessment is needed for admission to our day care and is carried out in our Training Center in Midleton, Cork.

1)You and your dog attend the site for a some paper work and any questions you may have. (This booking).

2) Your dogs attends the site for 2 seperate 4 hour sessions on a Monday or a Friday between 9am and 12.30pm to see how they get on. This is arranged during your site visit.

The cost of all is covered by paying for this assessment. 

Please bring your vaccine cards for your dog.

Day Care Opening Hours 7.00am to 6pm.

Mon to Fri.

Drop off 7.00am to 9.30am

Collection 4pm to 6pm

Half days 

Monday Wednesday and Friday ONLY

Drop off 7.00am to 9.30am

Collection 12.30/1pm STRICTLY

There is no guarantee that your dog will be accepted to our Dog Day Care Center.

A general cut off for non-neutered dogs is approx 6 months. This is dog dependant and can be sooner if issues arise.

Once a female dog has had her first season she will not be allowed back onto site until she has been neutered.
Please contact your vet for information on the timing that is best suited for your dog.  


Puppy Day Care

12 weeks to 20/24 weeks (this will be assessed)

A day care assessment MUST be completed, no exceptions.

Monday Wednesday and Friday.

8am to 12.30pm 

Drop off is STRICTLY 8am (we can not take puppies onto site before this time). We are in a residential area and can’t have barking on site too early. 

Pick up is 12.30/1PM any later collections will result in a late fee. 

We staff this area especially for the puppies.

All vaccinations must be in place including Kennel Cough and they must have been administered at least two weeks before entering the site.

Please bring them with you to the assessment. 

The puppies will be constantly assessed and once we feel they are ready for the big area we will let you know.
The other days of the week are just too busy for them to attend at the moment. So we have had to limit spaces and times.

Riverside Way, Midleton, Cork

P25 TP08 (behind O'Regans tyres)