Puppy Day Care

12 weeks to 20/24 weeks (this will be assessed)

A day care assessment MUST be completed, no exceptions.

Monday Wednesday and Friday.

8am to 12.30pm 

Drop off is STRICTLY 8am (we can not take puppies onto site before this time). We are in a residential area and can’t have barking on site too early. 

Pick up is 12.30.

We staff this area especially for the puppies.

All vaccinations must be in place including Kennel Cough and they must have been administered at least two weeks before entering the site.

Please bring them with you to the assessment. 

The puppies will be constantly assessed and once we feel they are ready for the big area we will let you know.

All dogs must first complete a Dog Day Care First Assessment, if accepted your dog will need to attend 2 half day assessments (included in the price of this assessment) to ensure they mix well and safely with the other dogs on site.
Riverside Way, Midleton, Cork
P25 TP08 (behind O'Regans tyres)